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Watch “Deep Astrology Weekly All Signs Horoscope July 24-29 2018 Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius T-Square” on YouTube

I think this is a must watch. I feel the energy shifting majorly. Things feel so intense right now. Like…being on the fence during this shift is not a good thing. And I am so on the fence.  I’d like to get ahead and use this energy to my advantage instead of keeping my head

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Thank you for making me a better person. 

Do you believe in signs? In fate? How about destiny? Reminiscing on passing days…I believe. Existing in this earthly world as a human can be both heartbreaking and joyousness within the same minute. We’re just so advance like that 😂 So…a year ago I lost Lucy. I finally released her ashes. Did I feel magically

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You got me feeling some kinda way…

You got me feeling some kinda way… That way… That way you look at me. Really? Can you see right through me? You make me feel… surprising. Omfg where did you come from? You got me feeling some kinda way… Pluto, is it you? Because she’s got me so obsessed. Quiet… graceful. Beautiful… precious like.

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