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OK, I get the whole she’s not on your level mentality. Normally I’d say yes, take the high road. BUT, in the rap world that’s not the case. That’s just my opinion anyways.

 I grew up when rap was finally going mainstream. Guess what rappers did back in the day? And even till this day. You battle!!! That’s the rap culture. You battle on the streets. You go to underground events to BATTLE. 

Nicki is super talented. Back in the day before she made a name for herself, she was out there. Writing, freestyling, battling. Now, she’s the queen of rap AND has crossed over successfully as a pop artist. She didn’t sell out. An artist will always strive to re-innovate themselves. It’s call growth. Remy Ma, will probably never be as big as Nicki. Why? Cause she’s strictly a rapper. I don’t see her dropping a pop track. You never know though. We’ll see.

Maybe we shouldn’t compare them. Maybe Nicki isn’t the rap queen??? If she was, then we’d have a “clap back.” Even if everything Remy said was true. I think you’d still respond with something. No ammo? Rap from the heart because I know she felt something. Give me anything. Something. 

Are you still the rap queen??? ::Sighs:: 

Any thoughts?

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