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My feed has been filled with Nicki blaming Travis Scott, Kylie Kardashian and Spotify as to why her album isn’t #1 🤦

Nicki, your album is great. I know you want to be on top. Unfortunately, you don’t always win. How many Grammy’s has Beyoncé won? My point exactly.

We strive to be the best. But when we lose, we should walk away gracefully. Hate is such a turnoff. I suppose some like it. Haters themselves maybe? I love her as an artist. As a person, I don’t know her behind the facade 🙄

It’s not easy for a woman to be super successful in the rap world. Why the drama? Remember the Iggy issue? 🤦 BUT… this is the classic case of seeking attention for sales. A tactic to stay relevant.

Back to the album. It is GREAT. One of my favorites so far. There wasn’t so much pop this time around. Which is nice because she’s witty as F* and I love hearing what she comes up with. In LLC…she says she doesn’t have to pay for anyone to write her lyrics. And I believe her. The woman just has it. Kind of like Eminem. Their brain is like an aquarium tank that holds an ocean of words. It flows behind one another in perfect order. I can’t even say a complete sentence without throwing out “you know what I mean” because I can’t come up with any other words to describe what I am trying to get across 😂

Her Barbie’s one… O.M.G. I would hate to be on her bad side.

LLC is on repeat right now. Ladies boss up. I need to boss up 😁 Of course, Meek has a song. Meek, I had no clue who you were until Nicki. And now, Meek who? This reminds me of the Kardashians. You mess with someone of that statue (not saying I look up to them or anything)…they have all this power and money and people love them. Like…talk bad about JLo and you will see this>>> 👿 come out of me 🤷

8 years on the scene and Nicki is still lite 🔥That’s awesome. I’m already excited for the next one. In the meanwhile, this album is going to help me build some confidence with a couple of projects I’m starting right now 😎


Watch “Donny Deutsch’s Hot Topics Sound Off” on YouTube

OK, I get the whole she’s not on your level mentality. Normally I’d say yes, take the high road. BUT, in the rap world that’s not the case. That’s just my opinion anyways.

 I grew up when rap was finally going mainstream. Guess what rappers did back in the day? And even till this day. You battle!!! That’s the rap culture. You battle on the streets. You go to underground events to BATTLE. 

Nicki is super talented. Back in the day before she made a name for herself, she was out there. Writing, freestyling, battling. Now, she’s the queen of rap AND has crossed over successfully as a pop artist. She didn’t sell out. An artist will always strive to re-innovate themselves. It’s call growth. Remy Ma, will probably never be as big as Nicki. Why? Cause she’s strictly a rapper. I don’t see her dropping a pop track. You never know though. We’ll see.

Maybe we shouldn’t compare them. Maybe Nicki isn’t the rap queen??? If she was, then we’d have a “clap back.” Even if everything Remy said was true. I think you’d still respond with something. No ammo? Rap from the heart because I know she felt something. Give me anything. Something. 

Are you still the rap queen??? ::Sighs::