My own lane…

Yes, yes and yes. I think I got caught up in negative energy this past week. By Friday I felt super down. And it seemed my weekend stayed consistent with negative energy.

Tons of vampires all in my space lately 🤐 This is why I disappear. People can be so fucken draining. Relationships are give and take…I get that. But damn, does it always have to be so negative? Ugh, these never-ending cycles.

I have to stay in my own lane. I don’t know why I stray. Guilt??? 🙄  I wanna feel good. Be happy. I choose to stay in a positive state of mind. I choose to stay in a high vibration. Why do people choose to live in such low frequencies? Fixated on the bad instead of focusing on manifesting what you truly want. Our life mirrors our thoughts. It would be wise to guard what comes in and what goes out.

I think my third eye is open 😅 How else can I explain why I’m extremely sensitive to the energies around me now? 🤔

New week. Going back into my own lane and blocking out the vamps. For my own sanity. It’s OK to be selfish and take care of yourself first. Especially when you’re just trying to be better. They can’t be mad at that.

Any thoughts?

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