Sleep Walking

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Am I living? I mean really living. Are you?

Sit back and think about your day-to-day activity. What does it consist of? The same old stuff? Work, pay the bills. Try and spend time, quality time. A trip here and there. Girls/guys night out once in a while. Pretty typical. That’s how most of our lives are.

Question…A lot actually 🙂

Do you feel alive? Are you excited? Do you wake up in the morning, take a deep breath and say thank you for this beautiful day? Does that light that cracks through your blinds bring a smile on your face?

How much passion is in your life? Do you feel loved? Like you are someone’s greatest joy? Is there someone in your life that makes your heart skip a beat by just a kiss?

Are you awake? Are you aware? Or are you just going through the motions, sleep walking?

Is there hate  in your heart? Is there someone you hate? Something you hate? If so, are you going to resolve the problem? Or will you continue to hate? I say,  it’s probably healthier to let go and move on OR you’ll continue sleep walking. And that’s no way to live.

You deserve more, I deserve more. Lets wake up, no more sleep walking though life. Lets take a stand and choose to be alive. Take control, move forward and never look back. The days of wasting our life away is over. We’re no longer sleep walking though life. Make a change to love fiercely, live fully.


Love and Happiness to you always,


Any thoughts?

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