Tag: lack of motivation

Shit happens…

OK, so I’m back on WordPress. I figure it just made more sense until I establish funding. In the process of switching over I lost a years worth of content. A WHOLE YEAR. So many thoughts, ideas and emotions just gone. I was pretty upset at first. I racked my brain trying to find reason…and

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Sometimes I’m just too tired to even think. Blog post today? A little motivation? Goals? Tasks to accomplish? Don’t you just hate these kinds of days? I can sit here in front of the computer ALL day…and NOTHING! Sometimes… it just doesn’t work! But…my brain works enough to wish you a great week, talk to

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Hard To Do

What if you were offered a job in a city you’d love to live in and more money but your kids didn’t want to go? You can force them yes, but it’s hard to do when they’re so admittedly against the idea. What if you have someone so negative in your life that you can’t stand most

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