I just had a thought. Change…do you want change? What is it you are looking for?

I think about my life…past and present…no regrets. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don’t understand it. Sometimes it’s just not fair.

Has anyone seen A Walk To Remember? Mandy Moore says something along the lines of “If there is no suffering there wouldn’t be compassion.” Don’t quote me..I haven’t seen it in awhile. His response back was, “Tell that to those who suffer.” Doesn’t that make sense? I think it does…but again…everything happens for a reason.

I guess it makes us stronger…life lessons?

He needed a change…she was a blessing in disguise. Ultimately it was up to him to make the change.

The past has come and gone. Today matters…tomorrow matters. What would you like to change in your life? What goals have you listed?

I strongly recommend writing them down. Start with short term..then long term. It feels good crossing them out, one by one. “Little steps…big things do not happen over night.” Try not to get discouraged, I know it’s hard. Think of the outcome of all your hard work, if it makes you smile, then it’s worth it…

Any thoughts?

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