What must we have???


We have to have courage to think differently about everything we do, the boldness to pursue change, and the patience and resilience to achieve our goals.

People are scared of change. Failure is like the plague for most.

But think about it, what are we? Human beings…we are not perfect, we are entitled to make mistakes.

I mean, every time you make a mistake, what do you get out of it? A lesson learned. The next time around, you’ll be better. You’ll be more careful, you’ll think twice before writing in ink.

Things can’t always stay the same. If change isn’t good, then kiss your Apple laptop and Android phone good-bye. We use to ride on horses and walk across rivers to get to point B from point A. We do it now for pure enjoyment, but as a daily lifestyle, yeah right lol. Embrace change, we evolve with change.

Patience, we all must have patience. For things do not just happen over night. The cure for many diseases were not created over night. But with dedication and hard work, one day we will find the cure for cancer.

Life will continue to test us. Just like the winds that run across our face, we can’t control it.   We are put in situations and wonder why, why me? It is a test. A test of our strength and perseverance. Though it can be extremely painful, we must be strong. We must believe we CAN, and that we WILL make it through.

Why do we continue to go through the fire? Why do we fail and still choose to pursue the goal? Why don’t we choose to take the easy way out? Easy, we choose to live. To take risks, to challenge ourselves.

What’s the saying…?? “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Don’t be afraid, believe in you, live for you.

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