I decided to have a movie night. As I’m skimming through Netflix, I found a very interesting movie. Actually very inspiring. We’ve all had one of those…a great movie, a certain song, or even a book that  inspires us. Widens our mind, opens our eyes.

I feel like I am awake again. Have I been sleeping? No, just a little lost. My friends would say I’ve been hiding out, wondering what happened.

It wasn’t that I was hiding, I was trying to find my way. A new-found passion resonated and I was completely immersed. I am at a point in my life where I need to find myself.

My career is not at its peak. I’ve been in the corporate world for too long. One day I was sitting at my desk, thought to myself, what am I doing? This is so meaningless. I am so unhappy sitting here. But, I,  just like the rest of the adults on earth, we need to make a living. To support ourselves, our families, or to get that pair of $200 boots, lol. I thought to myself, there must be another way.

Thanks to Google, I looked up home based businesses. Network Marketing popped up of course. From there, it has sky rocked. From self development books, seminars, meetings, courses…you name it, I’m all over it.

What is one of the most important things when it comes to self development? Mindset. Then comes your surroundings. We want only positive, nothing negative. Nothing that drains our spirit. Unfortunately for me, I had a lot of that around me. Guess what I did? I took a step back and decided I didn’t have the time to be everyone’s rock. I became unavailable. May sound harsh, but I, MY future finally deserved to come first.

I was on the right path, doing what was right for me. But, somewhere in the middle of my new-found passion, I discovered…I lost my passion for laughter, for fun. I really thought I had enough of those days, you know, hanging out, dancing, being stupid. I was wrong, you can never have too many of those days. It’s a necessity to live a happy life. I lost it and I didn’t even know it.

Was I wrong, no. I needed to completely be immersed in myself. I needed to see my vision, I needed to figure out what I wanted.

Now I have, most definitely still finding my way. But I’ve realized, there is a difference from pure negative energy and just life. Life happens, people are scared, and people are hurt. I’ve been that ear that everyone goes to. My gift is to listen. That doesn’t mean that I let it drain my energy or interfere with my plans. I can be there but not let it consume me.

I’ve learned to balance…there is family time, friend time, personal time, work time. Keep those in the right order, with the right amount of time, things turn magical. Life is well-balanced and all is right within your world.

So, the point to this is, you can be inspired at anytime. Thank you to the writers, creators, singers, the people who inspire us.

Remember, we all have to go through things sometimes. Go through them, listen to your mind, feel your heart. Both will take you to the right place.

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