When Will It Be Enough?

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The human experience…to feel blissful, excited, happy.

Some want power and fame while others want a simple, peaceful life.


Some are okay with 55k a year while others strive for a million.


What is it for you? Do you have a clear number? A clear picture of what kind of life you want at 30, 40 or 60?

Do you have a goals list? Does it grow shorter as you check one by one-off? Or do you continue to up yourself and add bigger goals?

What does a truly fulfilled life look like to you?


I’ve thought about where I want to be but never asked myself, “when will it be enough?”Goal setting is important. But also defining what is truly enough is equally important. You don’t want to spend your life chasing things and feel like it’s never enough.

YOU HAVE TO GET REALLY CLEAR ON THIS. It’s the difference between living a life filled with gratitude or desperation.  



Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Image by 5688709 from Pixabay 

Image by Lorraine Robinson from Pixabay

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1 comments on “When Will It Be Enough?”

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