I Wanna Wake Up Excited

I was watching a YouTube video starring Michael Bernard Beckwith. His advice, “Love what you have to do.”

So…how do I start loving the sound of my alarm clock going off at 5 am? How do I love driving to work with people cutting me off recklessly on the freeway? How do I love going to the grocery store while waiting for the clerk to finish her text message before ringing me up?

Marinating…how does one love the mundanes of life?

The law of attraction teaches that we create our own realities. That our thoughts become reality. Wise words from the Buddha- What we think, we become.

I’m putting that to the test this week. I wanna wake up excited. Not dreading the things I have to do daily. I WILL replace any negative thoughts with something positive. I WILL stay in a state of awareness. I WILL stay in control of my thoughts. Not going let a single person or mishap bother me. Wish me luck 🙂

Shifting the mindset to gratitude has helped. I get up in the morning and say 3 things I’m grateful for. Some days I still get in that stuck/moody place. My solution has been turning on Micheal, Abraham or Tony while I’m getting ready. It’s been a blessing for me. Quite effortless. I press play on my Google Pixel (love this phone 🙂 ) and I have my healers right at the tip of my fingers. Maybe music can work for you. Or even watching a funny cat video. You’ll have set backs every now and then. Just keep doing it. Things get easier with practice. It’s better to feel good than not right?

I’m in the beginning stages of the law of attraction teachings. I discovered it years ago. With a decade of effort trying to grasp it, I have come to the conclusion that if you’re just not ready for a thing, you’re just not ready. No matter how many books you read, videos you watch or seminars you go to…it won’t click. Yes, I’ve picked up life-changing information. Have been successful at some things. But unless we’re truly tuned in, tapped in, turned on…we’ll always revert back to what is most familiar. Getting sucked back into negative thinking when something goes wrong. Situations have to be in our control or go a certain way to determine whether we’re happy or not. Why do we put conditions on our happiness? It’s normal for us to have negative emotions, we just can’t stay in them for long. It attracts the wrong kind of energy to you. Bad morning doesn’t mean a bad day. That’s it. There is literally one thing we can control, and that’s our thoughts. Perspective has never been clearer to me.

Abraham’s teaching tells us we can be happy now. Even while working towards the things we want. The right vibration to put out into the ether is…choose to be happy in the present regardless of what’s going on, and believing we already have all the things we want. I mean, you know what you want right? And you know you’re going to have it, right? If you really believe and feel it in your heart, then what is there not to be happy about?

Abraham has this radio analogy I really like.

The Law of Attraction is evident when you set your radio dial on 630AM and you expect to receive the broadcast from the transmitting tower of 630AM, because you understand that the radio signals between the transmitting tower and your receiver must match.

It dawned on me. The connection between us and the universe is one. We have to align ourselves properly to receive what we desire. Consciously and unconsciously. This is going to require hard-core dedication.

I’ve been programmed like most on this planet. Victims of our circumstances. I’m over it. I wanna wake up excited tomorrow and all the followings days thereafter. Because… everyday I wake is truly a blessing.





Any thoughts?

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