All I Need Are Sandy Beaches

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I could spend a lifetime on the beach. I wouldn’t need much. No need for a car, big house, much furniture or even much clothes for that matter 😉  I spent the weekend beach front in San Francisco. Had a little picnic and tried to keep my little best friend from biting other dogs LOL. Did some hiking. Spent time with my family. My son had a friend over, said it was his birthday and he wanted to spend time with us…? I was a little confused. But that’s besides the point. I set off to have a great weekend after a stressful week and I did. I wonder why I don’t do much of it. Doesn’t take much to do what you want, you just have to make it a point to do it. No excuses.  So, what did you do this past weekend? What’s the plan for next? I think it’s time to jot down a list.

Here are a few pictures I’d like to share 🙂

There’s nothing like looking out into the ocean. There’s nothing like the sound of waves drifting, crashing perfectly against the rocks.  Beautiful, I’m lost in all its glory. Time is still, my mind is free. I’m weightless, immerse in the moment. I stare off into the ocean thinking, there isn’t anything more heavenly.


Beauty and all it’s glory.

We're the only ones with our dogs on leashes LOL

Perfect ocean view. Chips are my weakness 😦
It’s seriously a long trail!
To the left is my baby Macie and to the right is my baby Lucy who is my trouble maker when we’re out in public!

Any thoughts?

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