Time for an update~

Well…how things have changed. What I wanted then…isn’t what I want now. Who I am hasn’t changed. My core is still my core. But life, life has changed. With every passing year I discover something new. Age can do wonders for the mind and heart. It’s a new chapter. I started this blog in 2011 with a completely different goal. It was the beginning of a new stage in my life. And now, it’s done.  A new me is emerging. I’ll be 35 in a couple of months. Why am I not surprised that a new cycle is starting. Since I can remember…I’ve always taken care of everyone else. I sacrifice myself for others. I realize that’s just who I am. But now, I have to start putting myself first. People like me, whose mission in life is serving others… we eventually burn out. And then what? How much good are we really when it gets to that point? I’m redirecting the sails. It’s time I start truly pursuing what my heart desires. To be honest, I can’t really even say exactly what it is. I guess I’m rediscovering myself again. Another new stage 🙂 The beauty of this all…I’ve gone through many storms and prevailed every time. I’m emerging as a stronger, more confident woman who knows now, that there really are no limits. I can do whatever the fuck I want. So…lets see where the universe takes me. No more four-year cycles. I’ll be back to update (About Roacilynn)……..who knows when. All I know is, we only have one life, so lets live our best life. RIGHT NOW.

Any thoughts?

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