It’s Back To School :)

It’s back to school! Good for me because my son drives me a bit crazy and has spent too much time in front of the TV! It’s like no matter what I say…example:

“Go jogging with the dogs.”

“Go workout.”

“Go read.”

Nothing. He’s still there in front of the TV. Annnd…I don’t even have cable! SMH He better enjoy it now because when school starts it’s ALL over. There will be plenty of school work and basketball will be back in full effect.

Do you guys have the same problem with your kids? We’d like them to enjoy reading and being outdoors more than in four walls. But it’s become so the norm now to play video games and watch TV. I guess I just don’t understand. I spent my growing up years with my friends outside and if I was at home, music and writing kept  me occupied.

Then again I have a boy. What boy doesn’t want to play Xbox or PS4? I don’t know any personally. Teenagers, the battle ends when they are out of the house! Hopefully ha ha.

I decided to take him to the water park this weekend before school starts. We had a good but I don’t recommend Sacramento’s Ranging Waters. There are like NO rides! And they close at 6pm on a Saturday?! Next time we’ll most definitely go to the bay area. But hey…at least we did something 🙂 The kids enjoyed it. Didn’t even notice how small the park was 😉

Here are a few pictures of our weekend.



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  1. Shellers says:

    There aren’t hardly any water slides there?

  2. Shellers says:

    Oh is that the one at cal expo? I thought you were talking about Roseville. Oops!

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