My Day Without My Smartphone

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No smartphone today. I’ve already reached for it twice and I’ve only been without it for 4 hours. But, I do have a computer in front of me so maybe it would have been 10 times if I didn’t. I wanted to check my email, can’t do it here at work. I wanted to check my twitter and  Instagram. Why? Am I that bored? I’m trying to focus on this Tim Ferris blog lol


Day 2…no smartphone. I think I reached for it maybe 3 times all day today. Almost 8 hours.  It was actually not too bad today. Like do I really need to be checking it all the time? I got a post done today with no distractions. I’ve been listening to a few Tony Robbins podcasts too. With no Instagram or email distractions.

But mind you, I still have easy internet access. I wonder if I didn’t get on anything at all. How much would I actually write? How many projects would I be able to complete? Hmmm….very interesting. I’ll have to test that out.

Beloved Facebook, I haven’t turned on my personal profile account yet. Kudos to me 🙂


Day 3…no smartphone…and I turned my Facebook back on hahaha!!!

So conclusion…I think I’ll survive without a smart phone. No big deal. People, including me – are just too consumed with nothing. Maybe I’ll downgrade to a regular phone and save some money…what do you think? Only thing is I need navigation cause I get lost in my backyard!  We’ll see what I decided. It’s kind of like Facebook, off then on again, off and then on again LOL

Ahh the daily distractions of the internet. My day, multiple days actually, without my smartphone has been filled with mixed emotions. At first it was OMG what am I gonna do. Now, eehhh…I’m fine. I think I could live without it. I’d just have to fill my time with something else…like read a book! 🙂

Anyways, have a wonderful weekend…or week!!! AND… “Be kind to one another,” Ellen DeGeneres

Any thoughts?

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