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Buy The Dip

The stock market looks pretty gloomy. When I open up my investment accounts, yes…it hurts. But still, I keep calm and invest on 🙂

I love Netflix, so much 🙂 But I recently just sold the stock. Why? They’ve created some great original content, true. The price they paid? HIGH. In order to make money, you must spend money. Valid, true. But, I have a feeling it has the same fate as Snapchat. A much bigger and more profitable company will outrank you. All of Snaps original features, Facebook took them and made them even better. I personally can’t stand Facebook and I hate that they took over Instagram. Facts are, big fish will always eat the little fish. But who knows, Netflix has room to expand and grow in other countries. They can easily hike up their prices for more cash flow. Or create a great movie and put it in theaters first. It’s just a little too risky for me.

I have a couple of new stocks I’d like to add to my portfolio.

I have my eye on Disney currently. They have been working on becoming your go-to for media streaming. Disney is a BIG FISH. They’ve been around for a long time and have continued to evolve with the times. They are going to move all their movies off Netflix and of course, start adding Disney created content to their platform. Netflix is in the red. Sure they have periods of upside…but Disney overall is a strong company. Continue reading “Buy The Dip”


Watch “Who Will Google Silence Next?” on YouTube

It’s not just Google. Facebook has been doing this forever too. If you don’t own your own content (hosting/app), you’ll face the same fate.

A fine line with personal and public…???

It’s tempting to post anything and everything on social media. Everyone wants to share their life. The psychological reasoning behind it is different for everyone. Attention? Validation? Or maybe you just wanna share the simple pleasures of life with others…? It could be purely innocent. Or maybe there are underlying self-worth issues. Narcissistic behavior stems from a lack of______… many things. Only you can decipher what it really is. And I’m sure you already know.

There’s one dilemma that I think pertains to an enormous amount of people. Myself included. I have a tendency to throw my opinions up all over the place. I try to be tasteful when airing it out but I’m sure I sometimes come off rude or too overly passionate and judgemental. Even though I respect everyone’s opinions and beliefs, I can’t help but throw my two sense in it if I believe you’re wrong. I’m not one to hold back when it comes to things I’m truly passionate about. For the most part I think I know what I’m talking about. I won’t spit out nonsense without doing the research first. My friends know this. I have no fluff to me whatsoever. I am ALL facts. So when posting things publicly, I try to censor myself. I have to ask myself if this is worth the backlash. I mean it’s not just your family and friends who see a public post. It’s your employer, future employers, the government. Basically the whole freaken world. I forget that sometimes. And THAT…is a big no, no.

I can somewhat sensor Facebook. There are a lot of private things on there that I would never make public. Sometimes I hate FB but I must say they make it very customizable for its users. We won’t discuss fanpages though. All that money spent 😡  I guess it works for big business and large organizations though.

Twitter…that’s meant for throwing up right? LOL Can you say twitter war??? I’ve had one too many of those so I try not to use it too much.

Instagram has blown up sooooo much. Do I like that Facebook has changed its entire platform? NO. But, what can you do. This is one account I let go uncensored. Not crazy but there are some things I’d never want my co-workers or other professionals to see. Posting what I did Saturday night to the public pertaining liquor and smoking may not be the best thing to do.

I’d like to think of myself as responsible. Someone who can make a change and impact the lives of others in a positive way. Social media is the only way to reach a  massive amount of people with just one click. I didn’t always have Facebook. I never even had a MySpace. I tried it once I took to Facebook. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. And the only reason I started any of this online stuff was due to joining a MLM company. Years later…here I am still 😂 It’s become quite addictive. Then again this is the new world. Kids don’t play in their front yard anymore. How so much has changed since I was a child.

Anyways, I’m straying, lol. I’ve started to kind of clean up my social media sites. There are just some things that don’t need to be shared with the world. And there are some things that do. I guess it’s just finding a fine line with personal and public. I want to be perceived as someone respectful, professional but at the same time human with a free spirit and loads of passion and purpose. My love life and drunken moments should only be shared within my circle 😂 😉 Therefore I need to separate the two. If you’re someone who’s trying to have a respectable career, it’s best not to post inappropriate things publicly. Parties and tequila shots aren’t things people respect. Sexual jokes, weed smoking, 10,000 selfies aren’t things potential employers are looking for. What we show the world on social media is a reflection of who we are. We have to be careful. I <<< have to be careful. With all this being said, I’m creating the boundaries now. We should all take a good look at what we’re sending out into the world and ask ourselves… is it really worth it? Perception, unfortunately is everything when it comes to a first impression.

Food for thought. Think about it.