Does It Really Bring Joy To Your Life?

Is every day like every other day? Mundane is a part of life but is it too mundane?

You’re grateful for your job because it is taking care of the things you need right now. But is there any excitement at all? Or does it feel like you’re separating never-ending paperclips?

How about your off time? Any excitement there? Are you enjoying the few hours before you call it a night?

Do you still get butterflies on date night?

Is life comfortable but boring at the same time?

I believe the purpose of life is to LIVE life. Do the things you spend time doing daily bring you any joy? Like, does it speak to your heart?

We aren’t robots but it seems we’ve been conditioned to exist like one. I live in the western part of the world. Hustle, hustle…fancy, fancy, more stuff, please. I’ve realized these past few years that I’ve been living the wrong way. We’ll….it can’t be wrong since I didn’t know any better. Everything I’ve experienced leads me to discover the truth. We are humans capable of creating amazing lives. It’s the conditioning that has limited our beliefs. Causing more “victim” identities than “creator” ones. What do I mean by “creator?” YOU are the creator of your own reality. We may have not had the best upbringing and bad things have happened to us…those things were out of our control. But how we rise from it is in our control. As adults, we have so much more power over our own lives. How about we chose to take that control back? It’s never too late my friends ❤️

So…if you’re sad, lonely, living in fear…or if life has become a little too mundane for you, it’s time to take stalk of why and what you’re doing daily. Ask yourself, am I settling? What could I change? What can I do to bring the spark back?

Think, long and hard.

Image by Fábio Almeida de Oliveira Adônes from Pixabay

Any thoughts?

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