Don’t Be Mad, But I Won’t Love You In That Way

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I know this world we live in now weighs heavily on “shares” and “likes.”

Displays of accomplishments give us a great sense of gratification.

Sharing our worldly travels makes us feel important.

Letting strangers into your love life is normal and people find it entertaining.

Some would actually say, the more you share about me, the more you love me.

All these things I understand. But…

Don’t be mad, I won’t love you in that way.

I won’t admire you on my public social media pages.

I won’t post my feelings on your facebook wall.

Although I know you may want me to.

I know many people do it.

But I can’t.

Not because I’m not proud of you. Not because I don’t adore you.

It’s only because what I value most is how I feel about you.

It’s not something I take lightly. It’s not something just anyone has a right to see.

I will hold your hand in the car.

I will hold you every night in bed.

I will snuggle into your neck, kiss your lips, your forehead…

but not for your Instagram dear.

Those moments are mine. They’re ours. For the two that truly matter.

You and I.

Know that I cherish you. That I care for you. In such a way I find sacred.

Protective and somewhat possessive of what we have.

I refuse to be a reality show. To let others judge or criticize our bond.

This is how I am going to love you.

Please don’t be upset or feel insecure. You’re just with a woman who’s a little old fashioned.

A woman who needs her privacy.

A woman who’ll look you in the eye while you speak and not at my phone.

A woman who still believes in having conversations over dinner with no on-screen distractions.

Don’t take offense when I don’t want to share you with the world on our weekend gateways.

Don’t be mad, but I won’t love in that way.

Trust in the time and attention that I give you. That you mean the world to me.

I hope you understand and don’t mind my need to shield us from outsiders.

I hope you value the way I hold you…the way I look at you more than our social feeds.

Don’t be mad, but I won’t love you in that way.

Image by Ichigo121212 from Pixabay

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