The wait is over…

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The wait is over. Double Dutchess is here and I am reminded of why I’m just so in love with music.

Fergie literally has it all. A collection of familiar old school, rock, soul, alongside modern-day fleekness that I’ll be shaking my tail feather to at the club.

Fergie is no amateur.

Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross…platinum.  Hungry will be my 6 Inch Heels.

“Not thirsty, just hungry” 

Like It Ain’t Nuttin’ …cheers to the weekend!

Love Is Pain…this one dug real deep. Had my heart singing along with it.

I can’t say enough about this album. I’m happy she took her time. It’s not easy coming back after so many years. And being 42 in this genre can be a bit difficult. You have to be able to connect with the younger crowd while not forgetting about the fans that have grown up with you. I believe Fergie has given us all a little bit of both worlds. Kinda like how Queen B does 🙂

I recommend…A+! 5 stars!


Any thoughts?

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