A little light to my gloom…

Today I woke up feeling…myself. It’s been a couple of months. Since the Billboard Awards, I’ve been feeling…blah. But today, I feel good. I think I was feeling a bit…”What next?”

I did what I do best and that’s retreating into my cave. Then came the questions. WHY? Then…find a solution. I’m still unsure why and what the solution is, LOL.

But, I reverted back to what I know helps me when I feel this way. I started going back to the basics. Back to my mentors and books. Back to writing in my journal. I think at 35 I’ve learned what works and doesn’t for me.

After a week I already feel better. Key is to recognize something isn’t right. Then go from there. From THERE, I am going.

In the midst of all this, music is also something I run to. Right now…I’m really loving these two songs. It’s getting me up in the morning and giving me life after a long day.

A little light to my gloom 🙂 Of course, I’m going to share 🙂 Enjoy!


Any thoughts?

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