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You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion

This is such an eye-opening article.


Following your passion is like the ultimate bullshit. I agree. Why? I’ve lived it.

But wait…

It isn’t that black and white. Following your passion really is great for the soul. If your passion happens to support the lifestyle you want, you are blessed. Although for many, it doesn’t always work out.

What you should do first…

Stop worrying. You never, ever have to give up your passions. What you do have to do is support yourself. There are alternatives to your passions. What else are you good at?

Write them down.

Now how can you incorporate them in the money-making world? Continue reading “You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion”


then you came along

I was okay…

then you came along.

I was doing fine…

living in my mind.

then you came along.

So unexpected.

I forgot what it felt like…

to have no control at all.

My emotions raging like wild fire.

I’m finding it hard to breath.

Holding on by a thread.

I’m waiting…

for you.

Laying in a body of what feels like an open sea.

Still…looking for any sign of you.

Some nights I thrash and throttle with the waves.

Fiercely trying to hold on through the night.

Some days the waters are calm and I feel a sigh of relief.

I become hopeful that you’ll come for me.

But at this moment…

i feel empty.

I really don’t know anymore.

Would you really leave me out here alone to drown?

The seed of fear is finding life in me.

I really was okay…

before you came along.

Lingering in the shallow waters.

I was safe.

then you came along.



Letting go…

Letting go…easier said than done.

Letting go of someone you love is painful, you just don’t want to.

Letting go of anger is like physically putting your hand in flames…you rather not.

Letting go of pain can free us…but that’s like winning a swimming marathon and not even knowing how to swim.

Normally the phrase “letting go,” means doing something you really don’t wanna do.

How does one begin the process of dismantling their heart?

How would letting go make life a little easier?

Tell me, how do I let go without crying myself to sleep?

Tell me, how to not wake up overwhelmed with loneliness.

Letting go, has me feeling more caged in than ever.

How do you go from forever to never again?

If only I could understand the logic in…maybe in our next life.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

I love you so much but I can’t keep you.

No matter how hard I try, how far I reach… you’re gone.

And I lay alone in a bed that feels like it’s made for a hundred warm bodies.

Letting go…sadly, I have no other choice but to.