Don’t Judge A Books By It’s Cover

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I’ve always thought Niki was really ghetto. I liked her music but didn’t necessary like her. BUT, as a rapper I respected her very much, never dissed her rhymes. Always said B* is super clever. After watching this, I’ve discovered how narrow-minded I was. ADVICE! Don’t judge a book by its cover people!

The crazy outfits and funky hair, along with the whatever-F U attitude,  I didn’t even give her a chance to speak. Then again this is one of her first intimate interviews where she speaks from the heart. She’s REAL, 110%.  Thought she wasn’t intelligent? Guess again. I am officially even more amazed with her as a person and especially as a person.

Niki, you’re getting framed! (inside thought)

And for your information Rosenberg, I am glad she went to the pop side. At least now I’d be able to go to a concert and not be looked at like…why you here? You ain’t black! I may not be but I grew up listening to Hip Hop and R&B. I know and respect the culture and I hate not being able to go to concerts because I’m an alien in your eyes! Well, Niki has branched out enough to even welcome the prissy’s  LMAO.


Any thoughts?

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