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Stocks Are On Sale

Just in case you didn’t know, stocks are on sale. There is no better time to start investing than right NOW. I use Stash. I love its simplicity. There’s a wide range of stocks for individual purchases as well as baskets of balanced funds. In 2008 I had zero knowledge of the stock market or

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Buy The Dip

The stock market looks pretty gloomy. When I open up my investment accounts, yes…it hurts. But still, I keep calm and invest on 🙂 I love Netflix, so much 🙂 But I recently just sold the stock. Why? They’ve created some great original content, true. The price they paid? HIGH. In order to make money,

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I decided to go with Stash

I use to be extremely intimated with investing. So many big words and not enough dummy books around to make it less intimating. It wasn’t until I read MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins that I really got serious. If reading isn’t your thing…YouTube. (Unshakeable – is a condensed version of the book) What

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