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Dreaming my wildest dreams and then kinda watching them come true.

“I kinda had to forge my own path, make my own rules.”

I love, love this speech. Especially her being told she’s doing too much, that she should do only one thing. Me in a nutshell. She has passion for many things. As so do I 😬 Hence why my blog isn’t focused on just one topic. I have lots love for multiple things. I find it difficult to just choose one.

It’s true. When you have too many things going on you can never get really great at one thing. But look at her 🤷I have a pretty good idea how she did it. I think she tackled one thing at a time. Once she got good at one thing, she added the next.

Dancer – Fly girls…boom!

Acting – Selena…boom!

Singing – On the 6…boom!

So many booms LOL

She kept adding. American Idol, book, fashion, perfume, a Vegas show…OMG, also a mom.

I’ve watched her transform from the bottom to higher heights to even higher ones since I was 14. The woman is amazing and dedicated AF. There is no half-assing. It’s impossible to be where she’s at if she did.

Now…how can I get there? I’m not trying to reach her statue. I’d just like to be about 40% of her 😆 Brave enough to pursue my passions with conviction. There is too much contemplation with me 🤦

When we look around at our life and we’re not as happy as we want to be, that is a choice. We choose everything that we are allowing to go on in our life.

The fact that I’m not exactly where I want to be is because I haven’t worked on my endeavors hard enough. That’s me being honest with myself. It’s true, we have to put in effort (blood, sweat, tears) when it comes to the things we want. Too bad I can’t be a famous writer or speaker overnight 😒 lame LOL


MTV Music Awards

OK…so I didn’t get to see the MTV Music Awards last night. Two reasons, I don’t have cable and I was drugged up on allergy pills and couldn’t stay up anyways.

I did check out recaps this morning. It’s not the same as watching it in it’s entirety, but it will do.

Katy Perry by far in my opinion had the best performance.


Taylor Swift, I love that she got caught dropping the F* bomb when her ex was onstage presenting an award. Hey, I think he’s an A**hole as well.


Annnnnd….why do “once good girls” turn out so raunchy? I mean I love Christina Aguilera when she came out raunchy with her Stripped album. But it was more of – I’m a FIGHTER – Can’t Hold Me Down kinda vibe. It was positive for woman all the world.

BUT…Miley Circus… what is wrong with her? it’s not cute. Kinda gross.


Nsync was cool, I grew up listening to them. Adorable guys.


That’s it…what did you guys think of this years 2013 MTV Music Awards???