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My creativity went on a little vacation…

OK…I haven’t been able to get back into the grind of writing. Maybe just too much going on? Work has been crazy, like extremely. Then there is home life, school…and I try to squeeze in a good time here and there. I’m just so exhausted! Annnnd, it’s almost Christmas! So chaotic right now. But, then

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Power of Women, Purpose and Passion

If we’re not living our life with purpose and passion then what the hell are we doing? I’ve been pondering on that all morning. I wonder why some people are built this way and others built that way. As of yet I can’t find the answer. I guess my conclusion is, you do you and

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I’ve Failed

I’ve gone months without eating meat, includes chicken. But yesterday, I failed. Yesterday I wasn’t strong. The feeling of failure is very unkind. A part of me was taken by weakness. I’ve failed 😦   How hard should I be on myself? I let my desire overwhelm me. Has my journey for my fury friend been

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