Human Trafficking Awareness Day

1/11/2019 Human Trafficking Awareness Day This is a global issue and it happens right in our backyards. Let us make it a point to be a little more aware. If something seems off, feels off…don’t just look away. Call your local authorities for help.  Educate your kids on the dangers of social media and strangers….

Stockton Woman Organize The Distribution Of Food And Clothing To The Homeless

I love stories like these. All it takes is one person to make a difference in someone’s life. You don’t need to be involved with any organizations to help. Most of my volunteering has been done alone. Well, I drag my son to almost everything 😎 It’s always been very important to me that…

Yep…it’s that time.

Have you voted? If not, will you today? Or… why are you not voting? I think I’m going to podcast this subject. I’ve been dormant for a while on voting and politics. But something has happened recently. The fire has been ignited once again 😎