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What I Hope For You Going Into 2019

I hope that you let go… Let go of mistakes you made. Maybe you reacted badly and hurt someone. Maybe you had a little too much to drink one night and screwed up your presentation the next morning. Maybe you failed an exam or cheated on your boyfriend. As troubling as it may have been

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Thank you for making me a better person.Ā 

Do you believe in signs? In fate? How about destiny? Reminiscing on passing days…I believe. Existing in this earthly world as a human can be both heartbreaking and joyousness within the same minute. We’re just so advance like that šŸ˜‚ So…a year ago I lost Lucy. I finally released her ashes. Did I feel magically

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I’m in need of centering myself. So yesterday I went to the beach. There’s something about being next to the ocean that heals me. I’m at peace there. There’s no place like it. I feel safe there. This has been such a long week. I finally return to work tomorrow. I think I can function

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