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Geez, 2018 is almost over

We’re already in October. Where did 2018 go?! I’m already getting emails about filing your taxes. Open enrollment is the around the corner. Hmmm…Venus in retrograde… I feel a massive push to reassess my finances. I wanna make sure I stay completely debt free for the rest of the year (no credit card debt, loans

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Abundance Is Not Something We Acquire. It Is Something We Tune into – Wayne Dyer — The Seeds 4 Life

When we look for gratitude, we find more of it. When we look to be and give love, we receive more of it. Love for ourselves, love for others, love for life. We always have a choice in how we decide to approach the experiences of life. If we decide to live in a spirit… via

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The Woman In The Mirror

Here goes the saying… If we want to change the world, we have to start with ourselves. I’m not sure when this happened but I finally realized what I was doing wrong. *Expecting people to do the right thing. *Expecting people to see things my way (I still think my way is right 😂). *Expecting

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