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A Follow Up To My Daily Journalling

Two words…EPIC FAIL. I had one of those moments again. Where action did not follow the words.

I felt stuck. Unsure and it caused me to be so unmotivated. Guess what I’ve been doing consistently? Netflix 🤦 I get into my episodes of wanting to escape.

Coming into this new year I brought a cold with me. Along with a back flare up and I could hardly move for a few days. Add the lame cycle a woman must endure. All at the same time! Oh, it was also a busy week at work. All of this coming into 2019!

BUT…guess what else?

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A little something from Dailyvee

A nugget I took from Gary Vaynerchuk today. I learn something every time he’s on my airplay.

Blog within your social media feed. A few paragraphs or a few sentences. I’ve been racking my brain on how to get more traffic. Social media is the game…I just didn’t know how to tap in correctly.

Correctly meaning not being super lame and spamming people 😁 There are soooo many people fishing for followers and offering no value. I’m supposed to just follow you because your bio says “CEO” or “Life Coach”? 🤷

VALUE. You must offer value.

People who like me… whether it be my writings or my point of view, will want to get to know me. I must connect with you. Understand you. Offer value to you. In return you’ll come back and support my work.

Reciprocity 🤝

Another very obvious advice from him…is WORK. That’s it.

“Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, want do I want to do every day for the rest of my life? Do that.”

I’m re-evaluating my daily routines. I need to spend a majority of my time being productive towards what I want. I will only get better if I practice it, everyday ✍️

I Am Slowly Learning What It Means To Be Human.


I am slowly learning what it means to be human.

I am slowly learning how to forgive the past. How to accept that sometimes beautiful things end, that sometimes the timing isn’t right, that sometimes the messiness of life gets in the way. I am slowly learning that endings aren’t something to be upset about, but rather, I am slowly learning how to appreciate how damn lucky I was to experience something real and hopeful and light in a world that sometimes fails to be soft.

I am slowly learning how to be alone. I am slowly learning how to wake up in the middle of the bed. How to make just one cup of coffee in the mornings. How to hold my own heart, how to take up my own space. I am slowly learning how to stop filling voids with other human beings, and instead, I am slowly learning how to confront the void itself. How to heal it.

I am slowly learning what it means to be human. What it means to make mistakes and learn from them. What it means to be both happy and sad at the same time. I am slowly learning how to do the damn work. How to stop running from what is heavy and uncomfortable in my life. How to take the easy route less and less. How to grow myself, how to be a better person.

But most of all, I am slowly learning how to just be, in this moment. How to exist. How to understand that I cannot control life, that I can only experience it in both its light and its dark stages. I am slowly learning how to laugh and cry and feel through it all, how to welcome the confusion and the joy that comes with loving, and living, and breaking. I am slowly learning how to accept where I am.

I am slowly learning how to simply believe in the person I am becoming.