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You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion

This is such an eye-opening article.


Following your passion is like the ultimate bullshit. I agree. Why? I’ve lived it.

But wait…

It isn’t that black and white. Following your passion really is great for the soul. If your passion happens to support the lifestyle you want, you are blessed. Although for many, it doesn’t always work out.

What you should do first…

Stop worrying. You never, ever have to give up your passions. What you do have to do is support yourself. There are alternatives to your passions. What else are you good at?

Write them down.

Now how can you incorporate them in the money-making world? Continue reading “You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion”


Oh how music has changed…

I just downloaded Halsey’s new album. I already have that hitting charts vibe. It’s surprising. Creative. A well thought out piece of art. I think I’m pretty in love 😍

It has open bisexual verses. Which you don’t hear a lot of. Remember when gay was something you never openly spoke about? Remember when being bisexual was a taboo in the gay world??? Oh how music has changed. How times have changed.

But we currently have a homophobic vice president. 😂😂😂

I do love this world I’m living in. I wasn’t around during some of the greatest revolutions that have graced the human existence. But my time is now and I’m grateful. I was once ashamed and now I’m proud.

We’ve come a long way. I love music. It’s life for me. And being able to listen to Halsey, Troye Sivan…who don’t change he or she…who keep their music true to who they are…I am just so proud.

It’s wonderful…💙💙💙

She is the tortured artist…

There is darkness.




She is just too delicate to know this kind of suffering so well.

Her mind wanders from home to the ends of the earth.

She never stops wandering.
imageI know that place.

It’s cold.

Filled with ghosts from the past.

They haunt her.

She’s scared.

She’s one lonely girl.


I can see her soul through her eyes.

Her aches run deep.

Her scars are well hidden on the surface.

But I can see.

Like a glass wall…that there is so much darkness.

But…she is good.

She’s flawed…just as I… but her heart is pure.


There is light.

She is hope.

She is faith.

I was unaware till now.

She’s misunderstood.

She’s rare.

She’s beautiful.

She is the tortured artist.