Stop Reading Between The Lines

This is a So Random post stemmed from what I see going on around me a lot lately. Might be too blunt for some 🤭

I’m going to give you some black and white advice. If someone wants you, you will know. There is no questioning it. Whether it be a sexual thing or something more, you will know it.

I think he likes me because I catch him staring. He likes a lot of my photos. He texts me goodnight sometimes. I think his last post could have been towards me. Gosh, I can list a hundred ways on how our minds can play tricks on us. STOP reading between the lines. STOP torturing yourself when it’s so clear.

If I like you, I will never ignore you. If I like you, I will spend time with you. You will not question if I’m into you or not. Most people are this way. Unless they like to play childish games. Are you a child?🤔

If someone strings you like a yo-yo, you’re just a toy. And don’t kid yourself, dear, you know when someone is using you to fill some void.

Mixed signals are proof that they don’t know what they want. Wanna wait around? That’s your choice but don’t spend your saturday nights complaining about him to your friends. Talking about why he can’t commit won’t make him want to commit more. Just sit. And keep waiting⏳

If you’re chasing someone when it’s clear they are not interested, ask yourself, “what does that say about me?” Something is broken deep down in there if you want someone who doesn’t want you (this is only if you hold on waaay longer than you should). Do a self-analysis on yourself. There is potential growth there. I won’t get all woo-woo and talk about healing and dark night of the soul work because I want to keep it black and white.

I already feel some resistance. OK – every circumstance is different. My advice is not a one size fits all solution.

Was it an ex? Why didn’t it work? What did you do? Or, are you just hot over heels for someone and you can’t figure out why they aren’t interested? You think you’re attractive, you’re smart and stable, so why? It could be just as simple as not everyone likes peaches. I mean, some people like hard peaches and some like soft ones. Bottom line, don’t hold on to anything that clearly doesn’t want to be held by you. Whatever the case may be, choose someone who chooses you. But also be aware of who you are. If it’s you that destroyed something and have regrets, better yourself so the next time around you won’t make the same mistakes. If someone just isn’t interested in the soft peach that you are, it’s not you and it’s not them either. It’s a matter of preference. Don’t take it personally.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Any thoughts?

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