Resetting Your Financial Goals

I’ve been looking for an app that offers EVERYTHING. I want to track my bank accounts, credit cards, investments, etc. Finding a great one has been difficult. The constant “refreshing” and “reconnecting” is quite annoying. I recently decided to try Mint again but I’m having the same issues. Every couple of days there’s some sort of connection issue. If there’s one you recommend, let me know!

Here are some tips that might help you:

  • Update your W-4 withholding to where you’re financially at now.
  • Bump up your 401k contribution – I’m assuming you’ve gotten a raise. MAKE SURE YOU ARE GETTING YOUR FULL COMPANY MATCH. FREE MONEY.
  • HSA – consider contributing more so you can lower your taxable income.
  • Reassess your emergency fund – what expenses have gone up and down. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS

Look over your subscriptions and see if you still need them. (I recently wanted to watch a series on Showtime but didn’t want to pay for just one show. I waited for the season to be over and I signed up for a free trial and binged watched and then canceled before I was charged 😁 I’m sure next season I’ll probably have to fork out the 10 bucks but I’ll still wait for the entire season to be over and pay only once. Savings is still a savings!) I also canceled my Prime about 5 months ago…it turns out I never really needed it. Nothing was that important for a 1/2 shipping. I also buy less because I bulk everything together. Less sporadic spending and better for the environment.
List expenses you know you’re going to have for the year.

  • Car registration
  • Car insurance
  • Oil changes
  • *Property tax (if you pay all at once)
  • *Renters Insurance
  • *Dog Insurance

Have an additional car maintenance expense bucket. Examples: Depending on the age of your car, a rough estimate for possible repairs. Do you think you’ll need a transmission flush this year? New tires? Think ahead.
Make sure you are investing in stocks. If you’re a newbie…make it a goal to learn about investing. You don’t have to be a pro, just the basics are great to know. If you end up like me and actually like it, you could learn how to become a swing trader! You will not become financially free with a job alone. Ask all the rich people. Check out Acorns or Stash, very user-friendly.
What fun things do you want to do this year? Plan it in advance. Price it out as exact as possible so you can budget for it.

ONE LAST GOLDEN NUGGET – I want to share a podcast by Patrice Washington on financial psychology. What is your relationship with money?

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

Any thoughts?

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