I Wanted You To Be The One

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I’ll be honest…

I wanted you to be the one because I was tired of waiting.

I wanted you to be the one because I was tired of searching.

I wanted you to be the one because the universe brought you back to me.

I wanted you to be the one because your hands felt familiar.

They are hands I once trusted.

Hands that I once loved.

I wanted to believe that the years of puddle jumping were over.

I wanted you to be the one.

But I knew…no matter how hard I tried to see the beauty…

I knew you weren’t the one.

The pieces didn’t fall together.

The words never flowed in harmony.

I know love isn’t easy, but… love should still come naturally.

Not based on a list of acceptable qualities.

Not forced out of fear.

I loved you then and thought I may still. Now I know, that I don’t. They were past regrets haunting me, causing me to harbor those feelings that died so long ago.

We took a second chance on love.

And we tired and tired.

What once was, is no longer here.

It was a young love.

But now...

We’ve grown, into different people. Or maybe just into who we’re meant to be.

Love has changed.


Love has found a voice.

Two very different voices, actually…

Our older souls now don’t spark together.

There is no magic.

And I’ll be honest once more…

This I knew the moment I saw you again.

Because at that moment, I remembered why we fell apart before.

We found love in each other along with a whirlwind of chaos. Our demise was slow and painful. Yet there truly was love.

I thought to myself, just give it a chance.

Maybe we were just seeds then and needed time to bloom on our own.

And I’m glad I did. This time I really do have no regrets.

God brought us back together for a reason.

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted but you proved me wrong. You’ve taught me something new and I thank you.

In the aftermath of all the bitterness and confusion, we created, again…I found something sweet. Closure to the past and a new door to the future. I really hope the feelings are likewise for you.

We aren’t bad people, we’re just bad for each other. And that’s OK.

One day, we’ll both end all the puddle jumping and land exactly where we’re supposed to be. With the exact person, we’re meant to be with.

I wanted you to be the one…and you were. 

The one I needed at this time in my life. You opened my heart up again. For that, I will forever be grateful.





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