Because I have too 😑

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I’m a writer. I guess you could say it’s my comfort zone. At least that’s what my project partner says 😁 Even the astrologers I follow are talking about my comfort zone. I never really thought of it that way. It’s true. I don’t feel nervous when I’m expressing myself through writing.

What makes me uncomfortable??? Well…that’s getting in front of the camera.


I don’t feel particularly proud of posting selfies. Using my looks for attention. That’s because I have so much more to offer. My mind, my heart…what my purpose is…it’s much more than how full my hair looks. Is every curl in place? How is my skin? What about that smile? I don’t lack confidence. I just want people to connect with my work. With who I am. INSIDE. I guess that’s my fear. Of people seeing me as just another “video girl.” Maybe I’m projecting what I think of other people who use their looks for attention. Maybe I’m just being judgemental. Maybe it’s time I just got over myself and do what makes me uncomfortable??? 😕 Most people who criticize others actually feel insecure with themselves. Not in all cases of course. Some people post a zillion selfies for validation. Some just want that Kardashian lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, I need to focus on my dilemma and NOT others. I need to stop making excuses. I need to worry less about how I’ll be perceived. The truth is this…I’m trying to make a difference. When I die, I want to leave this world knowing I helped put some light into the darkness that tries to overshadow us.


Vlogging. I know, I know. It’s time 😯

It’s happening. My cool sidekick has made a deal with me. We’re holding each other accountable. And that’s what I need. Someone who will push me. Who will challenge me.

The saying is true. We are the 5 people we surround ourselves with most. I can’t be better if I don’t have people in my life who will put me in check.

Amber Khan talked about physics and the law of gravity. It applies to people and their energy as well. I was like…omg…EXACTLY! I’ll discuss that in a vlog later. Hahahahaa

Any thoughts?

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