Sweet escape 😊

This weekend will be a sweet escape. From the entire freaken world. We’ll, I won’t be alone technically 😏 but I will have ZERO reception. No phones, no social media, no bad news overflowing my ether. It’s going to be just me and the universe. We will be ONE…clear of negative energy.

I’ve been trying to be as normal as possible. Some days are good, today wasn’t one of them. I woke up with a heavy heart. I’ve noticed how short tempered I’ve been. Like I’m angry a lot. And I don’t want that. I don’t wanna be angry or cynical. That’s not me. I know that I need to forgive myself. I’m just not ready to. Maybe after I spread her ashes I’ll have some peace again 😒 I pray for it.

There’s something else bugging me. I just wanna share very quickly something I read earlier. It made me so freaken mad 😬 And this isn’t just because I love Jennifer Lopez. What makes me mad is how people are so bitter and narrow-minded. Someone tries to spread love and positivity and STILL some dumb fuck finds a way to belittle it. I’m just so frustrated with people. Any form of good is good. We should praise it. Be thankful for it. We NEED more love. The proceeds go 100% to the victims. It’s not to promote herself… it’s coming from her heart. She’s one of the most humble celebrities out there. But bitter bitches are always gonna hate aren’t Β they? A comment that was posted read:Β 

Really???????? So now she’s too successful to have an opinion???? She’s too successful to put out a single to help people devastated by the attack in Orlando??? Oh, BTW… all this happened because her twitter hastag was #alllivesmatters I guess people don’t agree.

This is why I should not read comments. It’s just mind blowing! And 124 likes… holy shit. I guess I shouldn’t be lashing out this way. There’s a “nicer” way to express myself. Sorry, still angry.

I just read about Nice, France. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” And tomorrow is a day of “rage? ” Thank the universe I’m disconnecting this weekend. I need to release all this negative energy and find my light again. Seriously.

Anyways… Have a safe and happy weekend. Be careful out there. The Leo King says things are going to calm down soon. Mars… get the hell out of Scorpio. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

My weekend essentials πŸ˜‚ my book to help me heal. Shades for the rays. I don’t like bugs, lol. Sketch book if I feel like writing or drawing. And of course… My earphones! One thing I can’t be without is my music! I have sanitizer and wipes too πŸ˜„ Xoxo 😘 Always sending love and light your way.

Any thoughts?

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