Spend Time

When my son was young, I worked all the time. A single mom, no college education, no real positive guidance, I did what I thought I was supposed to do. Work, provide and pay the bills. Spend time? Of course. My son was and is my life. Now he’s 13. Oh how time flies. I didn’t believe it when people use to tell me he’ll grow up fast, spend time, cherish it. But they were right. It’s like where did the time go? Do you have kids? Do you have regrets?  Wish you handled certain things differently? Wish you didn’t get so mad? Wish you used the camcorder more? Wish you sat down and played more games? Wish you spent more time…??? If so, we’re on the same boat 😦

There’s nothing I can do now obviously. I just try to remind myself to spend time as much as I can. A lot of us work, and yes we have too. But do we really need that big screen TV, $500 tablet or a brand new car? At the sake of losing more time with our children? NO.

I use to love the nice expensive clothes. I’m super into electronics and yes I did buy a brand new car. To my defense, I’ve calmed down regarding spending money on expensive clothes. I did work with the public and required nice clothes lol but I guess I didn’t have to pay $50 for a shirt! As far as electronics, I’m pretty good about it. I saved for 6 months before I bought a laptop. I didn’t work a ton to compensate for it, just saved and didn’t eat out often. I still own a 32″ butt TV lol I can’t bring myself to pay $500 or more on a flat screen. I bought a brand new car but I also had my previous one since I was 17. It completely died on me even after putting in a new engine. I had no choice! But, after buying a brand new car, I will never do it again. So not worth it. I bought a house. Not new, not great looking also. But I bought what I knew I could afford without slaving my ass to my job. People work 40 plus hours a week with no choices because they have an expensive mortgage to pay. They never really think about what could happen. I mean with this economy, you can lose your job at any minute. But then again, my biggest reason is –  I don’t want to spend a majority of my life at work. Working for someone else, being told what to do and not even being able to leave when your child needs you without backlash. This is just crazy. How we trade hours for dollars. We all have to work. Others will spend more than they have, others will be smart and know that money has no value against time.

I’ve learned a lot from reading and following others who share my same passion. The Art Of Non Conformity is a great book. Not to mention The 4-Hour Work Week . If you’re interested in having more time, read these books. If you really want freedom from time constraints, you will. Let me know what you think of them. It can change your life.

You don’t want to be like some of the people I work with. Forced to work 9 and 10 hour days to pay for things they don’t need. Trust me, our kids want nice things, but they much perfer your time. How about one big trip a year and a lot of parks? Or how about one nice pair of shoes and the others under $40? Or how about read more, stop watching so much TV.  It looks so nice on that big screen but do you really need it? TV is 90% a waste of our time and our children’s time.

Shallow living can be a very lonely one. Having someone control you can be very stressful as well.

My philosophy, free time is everything. Don’t go out and buy things if it takes away from your time. If you have extra money, lets say a bonus, or maybe it’s tax season and you’re not in debt, then go for it. We all deserve to treat ourselves. And our children deserve to have us, physically, emotionally and mentally. Spend time with them. I am living proof. Full of regrets. If I could turn back time, I would. Don’t be me. And if you are, lets change and make it a point to spend time with those we love.

Spend Time
Spend Time

Any thoughts?

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